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InStijl Media Deluxe Ruby


  • Check the different InStijl Media Theme Deluxe pre sets Deluxe, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby for inspiration
  • Features a special function with a countdown timer for your own promotions
  • Designed by InStijl Media


The “InStijl Media Theme Deluxe” is created based on a variety of new and luxury features thatarecontinuously developed and technically completed with the many needs of our customers. When purchased, you are able to use the DayDeal Timer to bring extra attention to action products. With the design there are many possibilities to adapt the theme to what the web owner wants. With this you can adjust colors, fonts and all images to a result you desire.


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Key features 


  • DailyDeal Timer
  • Tabs on the homepage to highlight products
  • Mega menu with category images and subsub menu
  • Integrated LoyaltyLion app
  • Discount corners of sale, sold-out, new, best seller
  • Products collection page roll-over
  • Sticky menu
  • Social media roll-over buttons
  • YouTube videos by product
  • Adaptable headers collection page






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Changelog Deluxe 1.1

-       Translations updated and improved

-       Updated to the current German legislation

-       Design > Settings translation errors removed

-       CSS optimized

-       javascript optimized

-       Speed Test and google test conducted


  • InStijl Media Deluxe
  • InStijl Media Deluxe
  • InStijl Media Deluxe
  • InStijl Media Deluxe